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2023 A Year in Review

For those of you who missed the Christmas party, you missed a great opportunity to visit with old friends, meet new ones and enjoy some great food. Congratulations Dawn Eleen for being selected CHS volunteer of the year.

Special thanks to Steve Bolkan, Paul Montecucco, Brian Dinteman, Ken Daniels, Steve Hagler and Wayne Guild for restoring our luggage carts which sit out front of the Museum.

According to the Canby Kiwanis, their Annual Toy Drive, of which you participated, was able to help 1000 needy children in our area.

Thanks to Dawn Eleen our website has been updated to a very interactive tool. We are 100% more active on social media.

Sadly, our entry, Herman the Snowman, in the Hot Rod Dreamworks snowman contest did not win.  But it was a great experience and a lot of fun participate.

We were able to have our annual Third Grade visits to the Museum last year which were very successful.

We had our Annual 4th of July Pancake Breakfast. It was a lot of fun, and we are looking forward to seeing you in July to start off the 4th of July celebrations in our wonderful town.

We have acquired the bound copies beginning with 1924 and ending with 2020 of the Canby Herald, which are available for viewing and research. 

We are still working on the transcription of the oral histories held by the Museum. With help from a Grant, we have upgraded our photo collection and purchased a large flat screen TV on which to watch the transcribed oral histories. The oral histories are also available to read as they are stored at the museum in notebooks along with their CDs.

Also, with the help of a Grant we have, after 40 years, been able to upgrade the Museum’s HVAC system. Along with other upgrades in the last few years, i.e., windows, roof, paint and electrical most of the major upgrades have been completed.


All of these accomplishments have been as a result not only of grants but tireless efforts of MANY dedicated volunteers, without these volunteers nothing would happen, and the Depot Museum would become non-existent. 

We are excited to begin a new year with a mentor program that Jennifer Giller is heading up. Expect fresh updated exhibits, that represent today's technology.


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