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The Way It Was - The Way It Is

Did you know that the Canby Historical Society carries local historical books? Meet the author Norman Lee English, who's recent book "The Way It Was - The Way It Is", is available to purchase at the Depot Museum!


Norman Lee English is a Silverton, Oregon author of local history books. The Way it Was – The Way it Is is his fifth such book. He was born in Silverton and has lived most of his life in the community, a 3rd Generation native Silvertonian, as his Great-Grandfather moved to the Silverton in 1865.

English has been retired since 2008, and is heavily involved in volunteerism since that time, even serving for four years as the President of the Silverton Country Historical Society.

Always with a keen interest in local history, English sees his writing of books as a means of passing on that interest, as well as the fruits of his extensive research labors, to the next generation(s).

He continues to live in Silverton with his wife of more than 50 years, Margaret. He’s the father of three, and grandfather of five.

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